Various tools to alter background

From editing photographs to changing background in pictures, Photoshop presents a variety of options.  Your simple photograph in a pale background can be easily altered to a cool seaside background in minutes with the help of this tool. Professionals, in photo-editing in particular, have to use this tool frequently to get the desired picturesque for any image.
A number of tools are available in Photoshop which can assist you to alter or change backgrounds flawlessly.

The Quick Selection Tool
AS the name says, the quick selection tool is an easy way of refining selections. It can identify borders accurately. The options bar for this tool has three choices- create new selection, add a selection (Shift) or detract from it (Alt). The whole operation can be carried with the simple use of your mouse, the Option or Shift Key and the Alt Key.

5 Photoshop ipad apps for working while travelling

      The Apple iPad, the long-accepted king of the newly minted tablet computer market, is a tool capable of a surprising number of functions and processes, and while the wait for a worthwhile app was a long one, graphic and photo editing is one of them!
    Where graphic designers were once tied tightly to their desktops and notebooks, the release of Adobe's full line of Photoshop iPad apps has broken those chains by allowing designers to create and edit their work on the go. While the obvious limitations a tablet computer presents won't have you uninstalling Photoshop CS6 on your main computer system any time soon, Adobe's Photoshop apps offer a surprising array of functionality.

How to use Free Transform ?

  Free transform is handy feature of photoshop . With the help of this feature we can rotate , reshape , resize any image or shape . In this tutorial, we will cover all the above transformations plus some shortcuts.
   Let's start.I have already opened a square shape in document window(see following image) and we are going to do all transformations on that square.

How to create photoshop CS 6 logo in photoshop ?

       In this article ,we will see how to create photoshop CS6 logo in photoshop itself . In coming days we are going to see  how to create different logos , so lets first start with PS CS 6 logo as it is very simple to create.

How to change interface of photoshop CS6 and CS5 ?

   Photoshop CS 6 come with dark (Default) interface while CS 5 with lighter (Gray) interface. Some people like it , some people want their custom interface .So in this article , we will see how to change photoshop interface within few clicks.Really it needs few clicks , few seconds and done . Procedure to do that is same in photoshop CS 6 and photoshop CS 5 . We will see how to change interface in photoshop CS 5 , as most of people use CS 5 .

How to install brushes in photoshop ?

 We learned how to install Fonts in photoshop . Today in this article ,we will learn step by step installation of new brushes. It will take hardly 3-4 minutes. Intallation of brushes is little bit different but very easy . 

Step 1 :
First you have to find free brushes on internet. you can download the large number of free brushes from ,  or google it. Unzip the downloaded folder , you will get .ABR file and some text files of license  . copy .ABR file.

10 steps to optimize photoshop performance part 2

  In "10 steps to optimize photoshop performance part 1", we have seen different settings that can be done to optimize photoshop peformance.In this article we will see remaining tricks.

6)GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) setting
  Number of Colors that  monitor displays ,pixel clarity and how many times image is refreshed depends on graphics card. Photoshop use  graphics card to speed up performance and to enable many features.
   If your PC or Laptop have graphics,you can use it to optimize photoshop performance. To do that go to menu Edit > preferences > Performance.

10 steps to optimize Photoshop Performance Part 1

   RAM , Cache , scratch disk and GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) are main factors that affect your photoshop performance. We can optimize  photoshop peformance by doing some basic settings.In this article, we will cover various performance optimization technique.

1.Set RAM for Photoshop use
 go to menu Edit>Preferences>Performance.

 Here you will see 4 sections i.e Memory Usage, History & Cache , Scratch disk and GPU settings.

How to open any image in Adobe Camera Raw?

Camera Raw
   Camera Raw plugin in Adobe photoshop  provide fast access and easy way to repair raw images produced by many digital cameras without affecting original quality .Camera raw is Adobe photoshop plugin that we get free with photoshop. It was released in February 2003 ,in short period it became favorite tool for photographers.
    In camera raw we can do many non  destructive photo adjustments like lens corrections,exposure , clarity, temperature , saturation , red eye removal,spot removal  etc.

Why Photoshop is Expensive?

Adobe Photoshop CS6 - $467
Adobe photoshop CS6 Extended - $940

    Really Photoshop is not cheap.Photoshop is not affordable to many people and student.But why Photoshop is so expensive??

Tab feature of photoshop

 Tab feature of photoshop(cs4,cs5,cs6) is very handy, when we want to edit multiple images at a time.
Tab document feature is enabled by default on windows system and disabled on Mac. So lets see how to enable or disable this feature.

How to create new Workspace in Photoshop?

What is Workspace?
   Workspace is space provided by photoshop where we can save location and size of panels ,keyboard shortcuts and menu settings. Workspace is basically arrangement of panels windows , bars and other elements.We can create as many workspace as we want, each having different panels settings and keyboard shortcut settings.
 Workspaces are present at top right  corner in application bar of

Hue and Saturation in Photoshop

    Generally Hue means Color and Saturation means intensity of color . We can change Hue and saturation from Hue/saturation dialogue box .Let's first see how to open Hue/saturation dialogue Box.

How to open Hue/saturation Dialogue Box ?
Go to Image -> Image Adjustment -> Hue / Saturation
Shortcut - Ctrl+U (windows) , Command+U

Harry Potter Text Effect

       I will upload tutorial on Harry Potter Text effect in few days.

Top 10 Youtube Photoshop Tutorials

  • Introduction to Basic Tools

  • Maximize details of Photos

Photoshop Tears Effect

Image is crying, not the boy from the image.
  • Deleting Background
Select the background with "Quick selection Tool" and fill it with white color or Simply delete it with "Ctrl+X"

Happy Independence day- India

Happy independence Day to all Indians

Following image is edited in photoshop.

                     Take any superhero movie. It starts with a problem. A big problem in a big city or area. A superhero emerges and saves the people.
                    He is the one who strikes fears into the minds of the criminals.India needs a superhero to fight against criminals ,corruption and politicians. So I thought if BATMAN comes to India,What will be his car and suit color? So I designed his car and suit in photoshop.Tumbler will be in "TIRANGA" color ,suit will be whitish and blue belt.
Again Happy Independence day to all Indians

Photoshop Tricks



How to do it?

Basics of Photography


     Photography is an art.Anyone with SLR camera doesn't make him Photographer, a photographer with 3.2MP mobile camera can be a good photographer.Photography is not buying costly equipment and taking photographs.It depends upon how you see the world.. from photographers vision or normal person. Luck factor is also there.

  • Get familiar with your camera


"The Earth laughs in flowers."   -Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Flowers.Flowers are great. Makes us happy.Smell of flowers blow our heart.I love Flowers.Just awesome.
What makes flowers so beautiful?There color. Each flower has unique color and unique smell.Flower in above image is "Hibiscus" ,one of the flower that 


Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.     Rabindranath Tagore

        Sunset........End of the day and rise of The Dark night.Sunset and Sunrise are two beautiful  activities that happen every day.We should see rising sun ,not falling. Rising sun gives us energy,while falling gives negative energy.But sunset is more beautiful than sunrise.

Wikipedia Defination-  
            Sunset is the point at which the sun is first completely below the horizon marking the start of twilight.

Save Tigers

     Tigers also became selfish like human, they are saying "Only 1410 TIGERS left other than me SAVE ME." only reason for this is HUMAN. Only human can KILL them and only Human can  SAVE them.
    A simple question may come in your mind 'why we should save tiger?'.what will happen another one animal get extinct like chitah?  It makes a big difference.. let's see how?