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Why Photoshop is Expensive?

Adobe Photoshop CS6 - $467
Adobe photoshop CS6 Extended - $940

    Really Photoshop is not cheap.Photoshop is not affordable to many people and student.But why Photoshop is so expensive??
Answer is quality features and tools that other software fail to give. It's worth it if you want to create professional looking images. It is advanced software meant for professional users.
     Adobe photoshop is the leading photo editing and design software since 2003.It has tons of quality features you can't imagine.Many others tried to copy features and they failed. When it comes 1st class high quality project design or image editing ,there is NO REPLACEMENT for photoshop. Other reason is Adobe invested so much in research and marketing . So it is obivious that photoshop is expensive. 
Best alternative for photoshop is Gimp . I you are Student, you can buy "Adobe photoshop extended CS6 student and teacher edition" which is available for $230.Or you can use 30 days free trial.

Photoshop piracy

Because of high price of photoshop, it is highly pirated.65% photoshop copies are pirated.

Leave you opinion about photoshop price and piracy. 
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