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Basics of Photography


     Photography is an art.Anyone with SLR camera doesn't make him Photographer, a photographer with 3.2MP mobile camera can be a good photographer.Photography is not buying costly equipment and taking photographs.It depends upon how you see the world.. from photographers vision or normal person. Luck factor is also there.

  • Get familiar with your camera
    When you buy camera, first thing you should do is read the manual,that most of people don't do.This is applicable to any gadget.Generally,we don't read manual and start taking photographs.Hence,We don't make full use of our camera.Next step is get familiar with all buttons and function again after reading manual.

  • Check equipment
When you go out to take photos check all equipments.Check battery,carry extra battery.Take tripod if required.Take all lences.Keep all equipment in bag,which you will use when you go out to take photos.
  • Make camera settings
Set flash settings like Automatic flash->Camera determines whether use flash or not,
Flash off,Flash ON->On for all photos,Automatic with red eye reduction->reduce red eye effect.Set shooting modes,shutter speed etc.

  • Rules
     Rule of third is basic rule of Photography and painting.Photo is considered as divided into 9 equal parts with two horizontal and two vertical lines.Rule states that important component of photo should be on these lines or on intersection.
     Nature loves symmetry.Keep symmetry .Symmetric photos are more eye catching.Eliminate background noise,busy background reduces image impact.Keep experimenting with rules,you can create new technique.

  • Photo editing
     No one is perfect.We can't take perfect photo each time.Hence we need photo editing software.Photoshop and gimp are famous photo editing software.Gimp is free software.Crop,histogram,noise reduction,emoval of unwanted elements,lence correction,color change are some features of photo editing softwares. Click to buy Adobe Photoshop CS6 on

Some quick Tips
  1. Better camera don't make better photos.
  2. Keep in my rule of third.
  3. Photograph is reflection of our mind.
  4. Look Some great photos.
  5. Be master of your camera.
  6. Treat camera as a part of your body.
Have fun with your camera.Keep experimenting.Send your photos on will post them on this blog.

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