Top 10 Youtube Photoshop Tutorials

  • Introduction to Basic Tools

  • Maximize details of Photos

Photoshop Tears Effect

Image is crying, not the boy from the image.
  • Deleting Background
Select the background with "Quick selection Tool" and fill it with white color or Simply delete it with "Ctrl+X"

Happy Independence day- India

Happy independence Day to all Indians

Following image is edited in photoshop.

                     Take any superhero movie. It starts with a problem. A big problem in a big city or area. A superhero emerges and saves the people.
                    He is the one who strikes fears into the minds of the criminals.India needs a superhero to fight against criminals ,corruption and politicians. So I thought if BATMAN comes to India,What will be his car and suit color? So I designed his car and suit in photoshop.Tumbler will be in "TIRANGA" color ,suit will be whitish and blue belt.
Again Happy Independence day to all Indians

Photoshop Tricks



How to do it?

Basics of Photography


     Photography is an art.Anyone with SLR camera doesn't make him Photographer, a photographer with 3.2MP mobile camera can be a good photographer.Photography is not buying costly equipment and taking photographs.It depends upon how you see the world.. from photographers vision or normal person. Luck factor is also there.

  • Get familiar with your camera