How to install brushes in photoshop ?

 We learned how to install Fonts in photoshop . Today in this article ,we will learn step by step installation of new brushes. It will take hardly 3-4 minutes. Intallation of brushes is little bit different but very easy . 

Step 1 :
First you have to find free brushes on internet. you can download the large number of free brushes from ,  or google it. Unzip the downloaded folder , you will get .ABR file and some text files of license  . copy .ABR file.

10 steps to optimize photoshop performance part 2

  In "10 steps to optimize photoshop performance part 1", we have seen different settings that can be done to optimize photoshop peformance.In this article we will see remaining tricks.

6)GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) setting
  Number of Colors that  monitor displays ,pixel clarity and how many times image is refreshed depends on graphics card. Photoshop use  graphics card to speed up performance and to enable many features.
   If your PC or Laptop have graphics,you can use it to optimize photoshop performance. To do that go to menu Edit > preferences > Performance.

10 steps to optimize Photoshop Performance Part 1

   RAM , Cache , scratch disk and GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) are main factors that affect your photoshop performance. We can optimize  photoshop peformance by doing some basic settings.In this article, we will cover various performance optimization technique.

1.Set RAM for Photoshop use
 go to menu Edit>Preferences>Performance.

 Here you will see 4 sections i.e Memory Usage, History & Cache , Scratch disk and GPU settings.

How to open any image in Adobe Camera Raw?

Camera Raw
   Camera Raw plugin in Adobe photoshop  provide fast access and easy way to repair raw images produced by many digital cameras without affecting original quality .Camera raw is Adobe photoshop plugin that we get free with photoshop. It was released in February 2003 ,in short period it became favorite tool for photographers.
    In camera raw we can do many non  destructive photo adjustments like lens corrections,exposure , clarity, temperature , saturation , red eye removal,spot removal  etc.

Why Photoshop is Expensive?

Adobe Photoshop CS6 - $467
Adobe photoshop CS6 Extended - $940

    Really Photoshop is not cheap.Photoshop is not affordable to many people and student.But why Photoshop is so expensive??

Tab feature of photoshop

 Tab feature of photoshop(cs4,cs5,cs6) is very handy, when we want to edit multiple images at a time.
Tab document feature is enabled by default on windows system and disabled on Mac. So lets see how to enable or disable this feature.