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How to change interface of photoshop CS6 and CS5 ?

   Photoshop CS 6 come with dark (Default) interface while CS 5 with lighter (Gray) interface. Some people like it , some people want their custom interface .So in this article , we will see how to change photoshop interface within few clicks.Really it needs few clicks , few seconds and done . Procedure to do that is same in photoshop CS 6 and photoshop CS 5 . We will see how to change interface in photoshop CS 5 , as most of people use CS 5 .

There are two ways to do it .

Method 1 :
Right click anywhere in area and choose option "black " if you want black interface or choose option "select custom color" for custom color of your choice . Now a dialogue box will open . Choose color of your choice and click OK .

Gray to Black interface .

Shortcut for Photoshop CS 6 (Not for CS 5 )
Shift + F1 will darken the interface while Shift + F2 will brighten the interface .

Method 2 :
Go to menu Edit > Preferences > Interface and 

under  'Appearance' (CS6) or  'general'(CS5) tab ,change 'standard screen mode' to change interface . Advantage of this method is , you can do other couple of settings like changing border style , interface during Full screen ,etc .That's it for today.Leave your comment if you have any problem related to photoshop.

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