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How to use Free Transform ?

  Free transform is handy feature of photoshop . With the help of this feature we can rotate , reshape , resize any image or shape . In this tutorial, we will cover all the above transformations plus some shortcuts.
   Let's start.I have already opened a square shape in document window(see following image) and we are going to do all transformations on that square.

One important thing.I have two layers.Background layer and other layer with square shape. So to apply free transform upper layer (square) should be selected.


Free transform
  Now go to menu Edit>Free Transform to select free transform feature or you can use shortcut Ctrl+T (PC) and Command+T(Mac).
  You will see 8 handles at boundary of shape,at four corners and at center of four sides.And star shape at center.
 We are going to use these handles to transform shape ,simply dragging them inward or outward.
 So let's play with this square
To increase or decrease  width of shape click on right or left handle and drag inward or outward. 

To increase or decrease  height of shape click on bottom or top handle and drag inward or outward. 
To adjust height and width simultaneously drag corner handles.
If you drag corner by holding Alt (PC) key or Option (Mac) key image will reshape about fixed point from all directions , in this case fixed point is center. You can move fixed point (Star shaped handle present at center) by simply drag and leave.
  To change height in same proportion as width, drag corner by holding shift key . For example if height became half of original height, width also changes to half. Now check your self what happen Shift + Alt + Drag corner !

Go outside the object, you will see a curved line with arrow at both side ,Click on that line and drag it , image will rotate about center . If you want to rotate about different point  , drag and leave star shaped symbol present at center.

 If image is rotated with Shift key pressed ,image will rotate in multiple of 15°.Finally press enter to apply free transform .
Thank's for reading article , leave comment if you have any problem .
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