Various tools to alter background

From editing photographs to changing background in pictures, Photoshop presents a variety of options.  Your simple photograph in a pale background can be easily altered to a cool seaside background in minutes with the help of this tool. Professionals, in photo-editing in particular, have to use this tool frequently to get the desired picturesque for any image.
A number of tools are available in Photoshop which can assist you to alter or change backgrounds flawlessly.

The Quick Selection Tool
AS the name says, the quick selection tool is an easy way of refining selections. It can identify borders accurately. The options bar for this tool has three choices- create new selection, add a selection (Shift) or detract from it (Alt). The whole operation can be carried with the simple use of your mouse, the Option or Shift Key and the Alt Key.

5 Photoshop ipad apps for working while travelling

      The Apple iPad, the long-accepted king of the newly minted tablet computer market, is a tool capable of a surprising number of functions and processes, and while the wait for a worthwhile app was a long one, graphic and photo editing is one of them!
    Where graphic designers were once tied tightly to their desktops and notebooks, the release of Adobe's full line of Photoshop iPad apps has broken those chains by allowing designers to create and edit their work on the go. While the obvious limitations a tablet computer presents won't have you uninstalling Photoshop CS6 on your main computer system any time soon, Adobe's Photoshop apps offer a surprising array of functionality.

How to use Free Transform ?

  Free transform is handy feature of photoshop . With the help of this feature we can rotate , reshape , resize any image or shape . In this tutorial, we will cover all the above transformations plus some shortcuts.
   Let's start.I have already opened a square shape in document window(see following image) and we are going to do all transformations on that square.

How to create photoshop CS 6 logo in photoshop ?

       In this article ,we will see how to create photoshop CS6 logo in photoshop itself . In coming days we are going to see  how to create different logos , so lets first start with PS CS 6 logo as it is very simple to create.

How to change interface of photoshop CS6 and CS5 ?

   Photoshop CS 6 come with dark (Default) interface while CS 5 with lighter (Gray) interface. Some people like it , some people want their custom interface .So in this article , we will see how to change photoshop interface within few clicks.Really it needs few clicks , few seconds and done . Procedure to do that is same in photoshop CS 6 and photoshop CS 5 . We will see how to change interface in photoshop CS 5 , as most of people use CS 5 .

How to install brushes in photoshop ?

 We learned how to install Fonts in photoshop . Today in this article ,we will learn step by step installation of new brushes. It will take hardly 3-4 minutes. Intallation of brushes is little bit different but very easy . 

Step 1 :
First you have to find free brushes on internet. you can download the large number of free brushes from ,  or google it. Unzip the downloaded folder , you will get .ABR file and some text files of license  . copy .ABR file.

10 steps to optimize photoshop performance part 2

  In "10 steps to optimize photoshop performance part 1", we have seen different settings that can be done to optimize photoshop peformance.In this article we will see remaining tricks.

6)GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) setting
  Number of Colors that  monitor displays ,pixel clarity and how many times image is refreshed depends on graphics card. Photoshop use  graphics card to speed up performance and to enable many features.
   If your PC or Laptop have graphics,you can use it to optimize photoshop performance. To do that go to menu Edit > preferences > Performance.