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Various tools to alter background

From editing photographs to changing background in pictures, Photoshop presents a variety of options.  Your simple photograph in a pale background can be easily altered to a cool seaside background in minutes with the help of this tool. Professionals, in photo-editing in particular, have to use this tool frequently to get the desired picturesque for any image.
A number of tools are available in Photoshop which can assist you to alter or change backgrounds flawlessly.

The Quick Selection Tool
AS the name says, the quick selection tool is an easy way of refining selections. It can identify borders accurately. The options bar for this tool has three choices- create new selection, add a selection (Shift) or detract from it (Alt). The whole operation can be carried with the simple use of your mouse, the Option or Shift Key and the Alt Key.
The Eraser Tool
The Eraser Tool is handy in eliminating out sized areas that are unnecessary in your picture. This tool has attributes like firmness, options for setting size dimensions and has greater density. Brush options and various shapes can also be used parallel with this tool.
The Extract Filter:
 The extract filter is available in the CS3 and earlier Photoshop versions. This tool helps you to select and remove an object or item from one picture and then paste it in another to alter the background of the chosen object. The location of Extract Filter is just below the Filter Menu. For the operation, you need to look in the Highlighter Box. Using the highlighter tool you need to select the object you want to cut covering the border of the item neatly. Click the fill option from the toolbar of the extract filter and make a single click in the range you want to retain. The preview button will show what the picture looks like. If satisfied, choose OK.  If not, start the whole process again until you get the desired results.

Magic Wand Tool:
Magic Wand is an extremely useful tool as long as the tolerance levels of the settings are not exceeded. A single click lets you select objects in pictures. If you want to add to the selection, press Shift Tab and if you want to subtract press Alt Tab.

The Background Eraser Tool and the Magic Eraser Tool:
 For deleting modest backgrounds, the Background Eraser tool is very useful. The tool can detect solid edges easily.  The disadvantage is that it is difficult in case of complex backgrounds like pictures with many objects and colours. It depends on tolerance settings for proper functioning.
            The Magic Eraser tool is also a great tool for removing great portions of a background. With a single click of the mouse you can easily use this tool to alter background in pictures.

Instant mask:
The Instant mask tool can be used to cover or guise any object in the picture.

Refine Edge Feature:
Refine Edge is a feature in Photoshop to control the covers you have made in your picture. This tool is built to refine bold borders so that they do not stand out and perfectly blend the altered background and images.
Simply making changes to the picture by altering the background and images does not enhance the look. They need to be blended and contrasted carefully for a flawless and natural feel.  
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