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How to create photoshop CS 6 logo in photoshop ?

       In this article ,we will see how to create photoshop CS6 logo in photoshop itself . In coming days we are going to see  how to create different logos , so lets first start with PS CS 6 logo as it is very simple to create.

1 .Open New File
 File>New File 
Shortcut - Ctrl+n (PC)   Command+n(Mac)
Set Preset to custom,
width : 1000 Pixels
Length : 1000 pixels
Click OK

2.Set Foreground Color
Move down the toolbox to color swatches . Now click on foreground square to change foreground color .
Now color picker dialogue box will open.Enter value 'b3d6f4' in last row in front fo #. See following image.

Sky blue color will be selected. Press Ok .

3.Paint image with Sky Blue color
Select Paint bucket tool . And paint background with selected color.

Image will look like this
4.Change foreground color Again
Repeat same procedure as point 2 . But enter value "080151" in last row in front of # .

5.Draw square at center
Now we have to draw square at center of image with selected color. So Select rectangle tool from toolbox.
Now draw square at center ,your image should look like this
6.Write " PS"
 Now main part of logo,write " Ps".To draw " Ps" select horizontal type tool.

Now select font " Microsoft New Tai Lue " , Set Font Style to
' Bold ', Font size to '480 pt', Anti aliasing method to 'smooth' and font color to sky blue ( #b3d6f4 ,same as background)
If you don't have 'Microsoft New Tai Lue' Font download it from here .If you don't know how to intall new fonts in photoshop read this -> how to intall fonts in photoshop? .

Now write ' Ps' at center of image. Done!!!
Final Logo
So you have created photoshop Cs6 logo in few minutes.It's so easy. Thank you for reading this article.If you have any problem with this tutorial or photoshop leave your comment . Stay tuned ! stay updated !

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