How to use Free Transform ?

  Free transform is handy feature of photoshop . With the help of this feature we can rotate , reshape , resize any image or shape . In this tutorial, we will cover all the above transformations plus some shortcuts.
   Let's start.I have already opened a square shape in document window(see following image) and we are going to do all transformations on that square.

How to create photoshop CS 6 logo in photoshop ?

       In this article ,we will see how to create photoshop CS6 logo in photoshop itself . In coming days we are going to see  how to create different logos , so lets first start with PS CS 6 logo as it is very simple to create.

How to change interface of photoshop CS6 and CS5 ?

   Photoshop CS 6 come with dark (Default) interface while CS 5 with lighter (Gray) interface. Some people like it , some people want their custom interface .So in this article , we will see how to change photoshop interface within few clicks.Really it needs few clicks , few seconds and done . Procedure to do that is same in photoshop CS 6 and photoshop CS 5 . We will see how to change interface in photoshop CS 5 , as most of people use CS 5 .