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10 steps to optimize photoshop performance part 2

  In "10 steps to optimize photoshop performance part 1", we have seen different settings that can be done to optimize photoshop peformance.In this article we will see remaining tricks.

6)GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) setting
  Number of Colors that  monitor displays ,pixel clarity and how many times image is refreshed depends on graphics card. Photoshop use  graphics card to speed up performance and to enable many features.
   If your PC or Laptop have graphics,you can use it to optimize photoshop performance. To do that go to menu Edit > preferences > Performance.

 For CS5 -In "GPU Setting " section,check "Enable OpenGL Drawing" . For CS6 - In "Graphics Processor Setting" section ,  check "Use graphics processor". It enables many features like pixel grid , rotate view tool , smooth pan and zoom , scrubby zoom , birdseye zoom , drop shadow for canvas border , sampling ring , HUD color picker, Flick panning preferences etc. Most of the 3D features get activated when you enable GPU.

7)Purge : Clear clipboard and history
Purge, a great feature that allows you to clear all undo,clipboard and histories present in RAM and optimize your photoshop performance.To purge , go to menu Edit>Purge>All

8)Turn Off Thumbnail 
 Layer,Chanel and path panels show preview of thumbnails of image. When you do some editing on image ,these thumbnails get updated dynamically.Some resources are required to update those thumbnails.We can free up those resources by disabling thumbnails.
Go to "panel option" ,and set Thumbnail size to None.

9)Turn off Font preview
 Photoshop uses system resources to show preview of fonts.To optimize performance, we should decrease size of font preview or Turn Off preview.
Go to menu Edit>preferences>Type .Now uncheck "Font preview size" or set to small.

10)Open few files at a time
 More the number of images opened at a time,more resources are required by computer to maintain those images.So to optimize performance open only few images and open only those file that are essential. 

That's it. If you follow all 10 steps stated above ,you will get greatest performance gain.Surely you will get smoothness in your work and will save precious time.
If you have any problem,leave your comment below.
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