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Tab feature of photoshop

 Tab feature of photoshop(cs4,cs5,cs6) is very handy, when we want to edit multiple images at a time.
Tab document feature is enabled by default on windows system and disabled on Mac. So lets see how to enable or disable this feature.

Enabling or Disabling tabbed document feature -
Go to Edit>preferences>interface
Go to Photoshop>preferences>interface

  Now in 'Panels & Document' tab uncheack last two option :"Open Document as Tab" and "Enable Floating Document Window Docking"  to disable tabbed document feature.
To enable this feature check last two option.
Click OK to save settings.

Switching images
 To switch to another image, simply click on another image's Tab.
Switch to next tab - ctrl+Tab (windows) or control+Tab (Mac)
switch to previous tab -Ctrl+Shift+Tab (windows) or Control+Shift+Tab (Mac)

How to access fly out Tab
If there are so many images opened and no space in tab area for more images,you will see double arrow icon to right side.When click on that icon ,you will see more images are stored underneath that icon. 

Float a single image in window
 Out of many images tabbed,you want to float a single image in new window,then go to menu  window>arrange>Float in Window.

  Fastest  way to do this is simply double click on image tab and drag down and leave it.

Float all images in windows
 If you want separate window for each image, Go to menu Window>arrange>Float All in Windows.

If you want to again group all floating images window into tab , Go to Window>Arrange>Consolidate All to Tabs

Arrangining order of Tabs
 To change the order of tabs,click on the tab and drag it to left or right and leave it where you want.It will change location of tab in tab bar. Careful when you drag it. 

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