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Photoshop Tricks



How to do it?

  • Step 1
         Open the image that you want to edit.Then in layer menu, click "duplicate layer".A dialogue box will open ,click "OK".It will duplicate your layer.

  • Step 2
  Make whole image(upper layer) black and white.To make it go to"Image">"Adjustment">"Black and White".CLICK
Your upper layer is Black &white and below one is color.
  • Step 3
         Go to Menu "Layer"->"Layer Mask"->"Reveal All", click on it.

  • Step 4
 Now whatever you will draw with Foreground color="Black" with brush on upper layer it will remove upper Black & white layer and you can see layer next to it, that is color layer.And whatever you will draw with
Foreground color="White",It will rebuild Black & white layer.Using these two technique you can complete your image.See following images for more clearance.

Change brush size to less than 10 for more accuracy.

  • Step 5
At the end go to "Layer" menu and click second last option-"Flatten Image". It will create your final image.That's it.
Good luck. Comment Below if you have any query.

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