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Save Tigers

     Tigers also became selfish like human, they are saying "Only 1410 TIGERS left other than me SAVE ME." only reason for this is HUMAN. Only human can KILL them and only Human can  SAVE them.
    A simple question may come in your mind 'why we should save tiger?'.what will happen another one animal get extinct like chitah?  It makes a big difference.. let's see how?

    The tiger is at top of the food chain. Tiger keeps forest healthy.Tigers keep population of herbivorous in controll.It keep balance of food chain. Tiger keep human away from forest as human(not pochers) are scared of tigers.If there are no tigers ,population of herbivorous will increase, so decrease in herbs and forest will be destroyed.If you are destroying tiger you are destroying yourself.

 What can I do to save tigers?
     Make more and more people aware of what will happen if tigers are destroyed. Tell this to your family,friends neighbors. Don't by any product made up of tiger body and then people will stop selling tiger products.Donate money to organisations that are battling to save tigers.

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