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Photoshop Tears Effect

Image is crying, not the boy from the image.
  • Deleting Background
Select the background with "Quick selection Tool" and fill it with white color or Simply delete it with "Ctrl+X"

  • Black and White
Go to Image->Adjustment->Black &White or press "Alt+Shift+Ctrl+B"(windows) and click OK.Your Image will become Black and White.
  • Tears
Select Burn Tool from toolbar.

See above Photo.Select "Wet Sponge "brush,Set brush size in proportion with face and eyes,generally set Brush size to 55px.

Set Ranges=Shadows and Explosure=20%

  • Draw Tears
Now draw tears as you want.Burn area below the eye more.
Place Burn tool on end of tear line and click 15 times at same place, it will give drop effect.

That's it.Keep experimenting with photoshop.
 Leave Comment if you have any problem.

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